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1453 14th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90404



PAINT:LAB is a walk-in art studio where people can experience, express and explore their creativity through the medium of paint without having to set up a studio at home. The staff at PAINT:LAB is made up of experienced painters and artists who provide a fun, creative environment for our customers. PAINT:LAB also offers two-hour workshops for those who wish to learn a new medium, art process or just brush up on their techniques. Our goal is to allow both painters and non-painters alike the opportunity of discovering the artist within.


Provided at PAINT:LAB

–   studio space and art materials to create works of art

–   in-house library of books and still life models to paint

–    guidance and encouragement from professional painters and artists

–   an illuminated and inspiring space

–   models for figure drawing and painting once each month

–   Included in our lab fee: paint supplies, easel, brushes, workspace and cleanup.

The customer pays separately for the size and type of canvas desired. Clients are able to leave behind their art for drying for a two-week period at no charge. We also offer gift certificates, and our location is available for private parties and events.

PAINT:LAB opened it’s doors on March 21, 2009 at 2912 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA, 90405. Our hope is to eventually bring the PAINT:LAB concept to children and adults in many other neighborhoods, including low income, minority and less fortunate communities. We are here to provide a nurturing, creative space where customers can come in on their own schedule and create works of art that can uplift their spirit and boost their personal esteem and satisfaction. Spending a day at PAINT:LAB is an empowering and creative activity.



Oana Bogdan, founder of PAINT:LAB is an artist herself, having thrived as an art director and production designer in the film industry for over sixteen years. She conceived the idea for PAINT:LAB when she noticed that something was missing in the facilities providing painting courses in the Los Angeles area. The choice was either a school with structured courses, or rental of studio space, which offered no instruction, just space to create. The schools would always limit clients to the scheduled course hours and often lack optional open lab time. These spaces also lacked ambiance, proper workspace and lighting, and typically the fees for these courses would be in the hundreds of dollars. Through PAINT:LAB, Ms. Bogdan intends to make painting accessible to the community by providing affordable lab and workshop fees, an inspiring work space, appropriate lighting and an unrestricted schedule. Customers are able to paint on their own time during PAINT:LAB’s regular business hours or sign up for one workshop at a time.

In the film world, Oana Bogdan has a background in Production Design, Art Direction, Creature Effects and Producing.   As a Production Designer, she has contributed to two TV series: “The Ex List” which aired on CBS in the fall of 2008 and “Kamen Rider – Dragon Knight” which aired on the CW Network.   She has also designed several short film projects and public service announcements.   Her first creature effects project, which launched her film career in 1992, was Roland Emmerich’s “Stargate”.   Since then, Ms. Bogdan has worked as a producer and art director of creature and special effects on films such as “Underworld 1 & 2”, “Sky High”, “I, Robot”, “Stuart Little” and “Godzilla”.   As an art director, she has contributed to projects including “Hawaii 5-0”, “Four Christmases”, “Criminal Minds”, “Cold Case”, “Without a Trace”, “24”, “Vanilla Sky”, and several Linkin’ Park music videos. Ms. Bogdan studied Interior Design at Syracuse University, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1990.   She was born in Bucharest, Romania, while that country was under the dictator regime of Nicolae Ceausescu.   When she was six years old, her parents fled their country of birth to make a better life for their family.   After spending two years in Algeria (northern Africa) and several months in a refugee camp in Austria, her family immigrated to New York City.  Ms. Bogdan currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California. For more details and a list of credits please see www.oanab.com




Studio manager


Multi-media artist Lisa Baker-Miccio is originally from Kent, England.   She studied art at the Kent Institute of Art and Design and graduated Kent with a BTEC National Diploma in Art, her major study was in ceramics.   She then went on to achieve a BA Honors Degree in Ceramics at Prifysgol Cymru/The University of Wales in 1996. Lisa Has exhibited her work internationally including the “Cardiff Bay development Corp” in Wales, “St. Martins in the Field” in London and Maidstone in Kent.   In the United States, her work has been exhibited in Easton PA, Bethlehem, PA and in Los Angeles.     Lisa’s work is influenced by her extensive world travel, drawing inspiration from the diverse riches of design and architecture from each culture.   Lisa currently resides with her family in Venice, CA.